Our day trip to the stunning North Devon seaside town of Ilfracombe necessitated a walk to the end of the harbour wall, where not only did we discover a brand new, purpose-built sea-swimming pool, but also the most extraordinary statue.

Verity, a 65 foot tall (20m), stands, pregnant & naked, huge sword held aloft in her left hand, a crumpled set of justice scales tucked behind her buttock in her right, guarding the entrance to Ilfracombe Harbour, like some form of a modern day Colossus guarding the entrance of Rhodes – the significance of which was not lost, I’m sure, on the creator of the statue, a certain Damien Hirst.

However, that’s not the weirdest thing about the statue of Verity…  The right side of her unclothed form, from head to toe, is stripped of her skin, displaying in gruesome detail, her flesh, muscle and innards.  To add to the horror, her womb has also been opened such that her unborn child, tucked up and snug, is exposed in the graphic detail!

That it is her right side means that the from the landslide it is difficult to appreciate quite the horror being portrayed; I’m only thankful I’m not a visiting yachtsman… 🙈

Anyway, I thought discretion the better part of valour in my photograph.  I hope you like it – it’s a great shot of Ilfracombe! 😝

Camera: iPhone 12 Pro Max on panoramic mode & edited in Adobe Lightroom.

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  • Framed panoramic colour photograph.
  • Framed in black wood with white mount – starting at 22″ wide.
  • Discreet artist signature print mark in the bottom right corner.
  • Frame & mount are 2″ all round – thus actual image dimensions approximately 4″ smaller than frame size.
  • Sizes larger than listed are available (up to an amazing 5′ wide) – contact artist for bespoke quote.
  • Print might be marginally cropped than seen to fit frame ratio.
  • Allow 15 working days for print, manufacture and delivery.
  • Shipping fees will be added to the cart: £15 within the UK & £30 shipping for Rest of World.
  • Shipped by tracked courier.

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